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Shane Co Credit Card Payment and Login

Looking to make your Shane Co credit card payment or looking to login to view your statement or manage your account online? This guide offers an overview of every major payment option available with this credit card. Check just below. A guide to the Shane Co credit card is also provided to help new customers interested in applying for this card understand what it is and what it has to offer. To make a payment online or manage your account, follow the link provided below on this page to the Shane Co credit card login. You will also find useful “pay my bill” information such as the credit card customer service number, payment mailing address, and billing phone number below.

Shane Co.

Shane Co.

Shane Co Credit Card Payment

You can pay for your Shane Co credit card bill by mail, by phone or online. This card is offered by Wells Fargo. If you don’t need to make a payment but want to know something about your account, you can call Account Management on 1-800-642-4720.

Once your account is activated and you start to receive billing statements, we recommend that you register for Wells Fargo online. This free online service is the easiest way to manage your credit spending and make balance payments, and it lets you view statements, register for paperless billing and establish automatic monthly payments.

Pay Online: You can make your Shane Co. credit card payment online at anytime.  To make your Shane Co credit card payment online click the “Pay Online” button below to login, register, view your statement or manage your account online.

Pay by Phone: The Shane Co credit card payment phone number is 1-877-805-7744.

Pay by Mail: The Shane Co credit card payment mailing address is: Wells Fargo Financial National Bank, PO Box 660431, Dallas, TX 75266-0431. If you want to send payments by mail and the due date is close, you can send by courier overnight to: Regulus Group, Attn: Wells Fargo Financial National Bank, 1500 Dragon Street, Suite A, Dallas, TX 75207. Please include your Shane Co account number on your check. Your account number is located on your statement. To ensure your Shane Co payment is received on time it is recommended that you mail your payment at least 5 business days prior to the due date shown on your monthly billing statement.

Pay in Store: No. At this time you cannot pay your Shane Co credit card in stores.

Shane Co Credit Card Customer Service: The Shane Co credit card customer service number is 1-877-805-7744.

Shane Co. Credit Card

The Shane Co Credit Card is a revolving line of credit offered by Shane Co. in partnership with Wells Fargo Financial National Bank. This is a flexible line of credit that you can use for all jewelry and gift purchases with Shane Co, and there are a number of extra benefits to owning this card which could make it a better option than another credit card.

This credit card is similar to most other retail credit cards offered by Wells Fargo. It has no annual fee, modest monthly payments and a reasonable purchase APR when compared to other credit cards in the same category.

The purchase APR is 27.99% (Prime Rate +24.74%), which is also available with cash advances. The payment due date is a minimum of 23 days after the end of the previous billing cycle. Minimum payments are either 3.5% or $35, whichever amount is larger. Late payment and returned payment fees are up to $35.

One of the most beneficial things about owning this card is the no-interest financing. With such offers you can finance your purchase just like any other, while avoiding the standard interest rate. Shane Co currently offers a 6-month no interest offer. These financing offers come with monthly minimum payments that you must commit to. If you miss a payment the financing will revert to the standard interest rate of 27.99%.

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