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Schewels Credit Card Payment

Making your Schewels credit card payment? Use this payment guide to understand how to manage your card and make bill payments. New customers can learn about this card and how it can help them with our included guide.



Schewels Credit Card Payment

Schewels provide credit by themselves and they do not use any outside banks or finance companies. This means that all payments are made to them and not any third parties. You can pay for your Schewels Credit Card bill by visiting your local store location. Once your account is up and running you will receive paper statements in the post, and these statements will explain to you your payment options and how to manage your account.

Your account is carried by the store that issued your Schewels Credit Card. You can therefore make a payment over the phone by visiting the ‘locations’ page at the Schewels website and calling the number of the relevant store. Another option is to visit your bank with your credit account details to make a transfer, or to use your bank’s online service. In this way you can set up automatic monthly payments to ensure that you always pay your bills on time.

Schewels Credit Card

Schewels is one of the largest and most popular furniture retailers with many stores situated in Virginia, West Virginia and North Carolina. The company was founded way back in 1897, and is one of only four furniture retailers in the United States in operation for over 100 years. Now owned by the fourth family generation, Schewels offers a huge range of furniture, appliances and electronics for the home and garden.

To make their many products and services easier for the consumer to afford and manage, Schewels now offer in-store credit. Furniture, appliance and electronics purchases can be very expensive, but with the right financing plan this burden can be lifted and you can get your hands on the products you desire. Because Schewels offer all of their own financing, they are able to tailor each financing plan to the needs of each separate customer. This means there is a good chance that they have a plan available to suit your budget.

The Schewels Credit Card offers low monthly payments and competitive rates of interest, and they state that they offer up to four months no interest financing. This no-interest period does not last a very long time, and there are other credit options from other furniture retailers which offer much longer no-interest offers. Having said this, and unlike most other private label credit card programs, the standard rates of interest available are generally better with the Schewels Credit Card and you can secure a good general rate if you have a good credit history. Schewels also have experienced credit staff that can help ensure low monthly payments that work with your budget.

You can apply for Schewels financing online by filling in the secure credit application form.

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