Car-X Credit Card Payment

Car-X Credit Card Payment and Login



Do you need to make your Car-X credit card payment, or login to view your statement or mange your account online? Understand your payment options here. To make a payment online or manage your account, follow the link provided below on this page to the Car-X credit card login. You will also find useful “pay my bill” information such as the credit card customer service number, payment mailing address, and billing phone number below.

Car-X Credit Card Payment

The Car-X Credit Card is issued by Synchrony Financial Retail Finance. This private label credit card provider offers a number of ways to manage your account and pay your bills.

Pay Online: Synchrony Financial offers a convenient online service for all cardholders. There are three payment options: single payments, future-dated payments and automatic monthly payments. Single payments are posted the same day if made before midnight ET. With this service you can also monitor your spending with online statements, and you can even go paperless with e-billing. To make your Car-X credit card payment online click the “Pay Online” button below to login, register, view your statement or manage your account online.

Pay By Phone: Call 1-866-419-4096. Note that you may be charged a fee for using this service.

Pay by Mail: The Car-X Credit Card payment address is: Synchrony Financial, PO BOX 960061, Orlando, FL 32896-0061. To ensure your payment is received on time it is recommended that you mail your payment at least 5 business days prior to the due date shown on your monthly billing statement.

Car-X Credit Card Customer Service: The Car-X credit card customer service number is 1-866-419-4096.

Car-X Auto Service

Car-X Tire & Auto is an automotive services company that was founded in 1971 by a group of muffle shop owners. In the early years Car-X specialized in auto exhausts, but today they offer everything you need – from general servicing to repairs and new parts. The company currently has over 175 locations across the US.

Car-X Auto Service Credit Card

It can be a real pain to have to spend money on those unexpected car services and repairs. In partnership with Synchrony Financial, Car-X can help you keep your other lines of credit free – not to mention your savings – when the time comes to give your car some TLC. The Car-X Credit Card is nothing special, but it could still prove to be beneficial.

Benefits and Perks

So what benefits do you get with this card? Very little is advertised online, however because this card is a Synchrony Financial card, it can be safely assumed that this card will grant you access to special cardholder promotions. With promotional financing you can spend now with the card, pay back over a specified period of time, and pay no (or little) interest as long as you stick to the terms.

Interest Rates and Fees

The normal Annual Percentage Rate (APR) that applies to all non-promotional purchases is 29.99%. With a rate as high as this you will definitely want to be careful and not keep a high non-promotional balance for long periods of time. The good thing about cards with higher rates is that they are easier to apply for.

The grace period lasts for a minimum of 23 days, and you can avoid paying interest on your purchases if you pay off those purchases within the grace period. The minimum interest charge (if applicable) is $2. Late payment and returned payment fees are up to $35. We recommend signing up for online cardholder services – this will help you keep on top of your payments.

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